4-28: Trevor Massman, Arlyn and Annette Kreener
4-27: Arthur Kingsbury, Dean and Tracy Mashek
4-26: Gideon Ott, Casey and Megan Bauer
4-25: Halley Hilgerson, Paul and Connie Stevens
4-24: Luke Becker, Darrel and Bonnie  Keener
4-21: Macy Reckward, Gene and Kris Smith
4-20: Brennon Malanaphy, Tony and Mary Lee
4-19: Cole Cline. Tom and Sheila Norby
4-18: Travis Brace, Tim and Janelle Beckman
4-17: Ava Witt, Mark and Val  Natvig
4-14: Emma Fisher, Walter and Bonnie Timm
4-13: Taylor Howard, Roger and Christy Knutson
4-12: Tyler Pesinosky, Nick and Dorothy Steinlage
4-11: Bethany Hanson, Linus and Margarite Barloon
4-10:Gabe Hruska, Ron and Linda O'Donnel
4-7: Scarlett Janson, Ron and Beth Kragel
4-6: Collin Henry, Stacy and Jeremiah Shanks
4-5:Tyson Bangs, Pete and Diane Roxvold
4-4: Benjamin Isaacson, Fred and Sharon Phillips
4-3: Logan Koles, Vickie and Lewie Olson
3-31: Seth Thompson, JW and Trixie Winter
3-30: Noah Cline, Jan and Arleen Kruger
3-29: Kelly Pattison, Arnie and Julie Wise
3-28: Helen Frana, Darby and Diane Cook
3-27: June Murphy, Rod and Doreen Ellingson
3-24: Benson Newhouse, Jim and Faith Norman
3-23: Mason Brown, Scott and Cindy Buticoffer
3-22: Marlee Dewey, Mark and Maria Langreck
3-21: Brynn Bakken, Ellen and Steve Sexton
3-20: Patrick Haskins, Ralph and Linda Britner
3-17: Kale Kennon, **no anniversary***