2-23: Hannah Meyer, Beverly and Dale Alstat
2-22: Isabella Thorson, Wes and Betty Ford
2-21: Issaac Steffan, Roger and Monica Molli
2-20: Nick sullivan, Ken and JoAnn Timp
2-17: Rebecca Kappes, Jim and Mary Steinlage
2-16: Julia Phillips, Joe and Darcy Whalen
2-15: Dane Moellers, Rick and JoAnn Wangen
2-14: Gavin Bullerman, Mike an Lori Golka
2-13: Isabella Opperman, Roger and Pat Tipp
2-10: Emmit Buddenberg, Ron and Donna Magness
2-9: Kyle Langreck, Darin and Cari Bohr
2-8: Bradley  Kirkeby, Ron and Susie Kennon
2-7: Ayden Leiran, Don and Patrica Frank
2-6: Isabella Smith, Tom and Eileen Carolan
2-3: Kaylyn Kuhn, Dick and Diane Trytten
2-2: Alexis Holm, Doug and Gwen Christianson
2-1: Kennedy Carlson, Burnell and Anita Sorum
1-31: Drew Berger, John and Georgeta Barta
1-30: Tiffany  Koshotka, Art and Bev Bina
1-27: Dan Knutson, Tom and Cheryl Otteson
1-26: Bryson Bohr, Dave and Robin Sodblick
1-25: Eva Sebastian, **no anniversary**
1-24: Lucy Ellingson, Eric and Jan Norschow
1-23: Landon Huber, Karen and Luther Anderson
1-20: Natalie Klimesh, Marsha and Phil  Hardy
1-19: Micah Miller, **No Anniversary**
1-18: Dillon Kuhn, Gary and Geraldine Fry
1-17: Nathan Johnson, Dennis and Tina quam
1-16: Jamison Kuennon, Dave and Carol Dinger
1-13: Justin Neirling, Lenny and Linda Burke
1-12: Laura Wiltgen, Doug and Judy Craft
1-11: Elizabeth Englehardt, Kurt and Abby Costigan
1-10: Natasha Kraft, John and Geri Fitzgerald
1-9: Addison Wurzer, Paul and Lindsey Sabelka
1-6: Chase Cruise, Dave and Doreen Holstad
1-5:Ethan Hill **no anniversary**
1-4:Bella Gruenberg, Scott and Jane Jones
1-3: Caden Tieskotter, Gerald and Darla Bakken
12-30: Jason Hurd, Jane and Randy Brown
12-29: Sofia McGee, Karen and Sherman Halverson
12-28: Teresa Loomis, Dennis and Darlene Frana
12-27: Kinley Huinker, Carmen and Devon Johnson
12-26: Dillon Hauber, Gary and Denise Baumler
12-23: Gabriel Roy, Lavern and Cathy Lansing
12-22: Brett Buddenberg, Jim and Brenda McCaffrey
12-21: Sidney Kipp, Joe and Marion Henry
12-20: Rachel Meyer, Bill and Helen Bergan
12-19: Mark Boland, Tom and Kimberly malanaphy
12-16: Rosie Ramstad, Jim and Kris Lynch
12-15: Madison Hoyme, Kim Powell and Larry  Sikkink
12-14: Payton Smith, Ron and Cheryl Juve
12-13: Lee Rollins, Jarod and Wendy Carolan
12-12: Cody Hanson, Dave and Diane Neinhouse