9-22: Luke Dirtina, Chad and Norma Wagner
9-21: Christian Cutsforth, Jim and Mary Jane Wenthold
9-20: Leah Scheffert, Will and Heather Mauer
9-19: Lauren Moudry, Brandon and Jenny Peterson
9-18: Lyria Nelson, Beth and Cory  Huber
9-15:Travis Mikkelson, Ron and Amy Knutson
9-14: Evelyn Bohr, Jess and Nicole Ellingson
9-13:Kylie Zolick, Glen and Lynn Krozier
9-12:Hannah Hillgerson, Rob and Cheryl Pennybaker
9-11: Brooklyn Anderson, Scott and Linda Kirkeberg
9-8: Collin Brower, Lynn and Mary Beth Tillbar
9-7: Claire Hartley, Samantha and Danny Nuezil
9-6: Jamie Smith, Dave and Laura Greve
9-5: Emmitt Schwartzoff, Craig and Trisha Henry
9-1: Coutney Graves, Donna and Calvin Rue.
8-31: James Heying, Mark and Andrea Knutson
8-30:Brandon Numedahl, Robert and Connie Klimesh
8-29: Lee Sandy, Dave and Donna Gilbert
8-28: Tim Green, TJ and Tatum Iverson
8-24: Breckan Shot, Ryan and Kelsey Henry
8-23: Tate Norman, CJ and Jessica Doering
8-22: Felicity Taylor, Rhonda and Randy Snitzler
8-21: Cody Dostal, Kim and Sandy Meyer
8-18:Mason Vick, Jerry and Marcy Meyer
8-17: Gabby Terbeast, Tom and Bev O'Brian
8-16: Jarrett Rice, Brian and Karen Westby
8-15: Blake Pattison, Dana and Sarah Hotvedt
8-14: Grant Knutson, Ron and Phyllis Elsbernd
8-11: Micah Spilde, Ron and Mary Fritz
8-10:Brice Shay, Butch and Angie Pesinosky
8-9: Kaylyn Erickson, Bud and Marilyn Meyer
8-8: Makenzie Gallagher, John and Shannon Quandahl
8-7: Hailey Johnson, Kim and Jason Maret
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7-31: Julie Kipp, Bill and LInda Ludwig
7-28: Keaton Carlson, Rober and Mildred Steinbrun
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7-26 Andrew Thornton, Charlotte Ann and Raymond Blong
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7-13: Madison Bergan, Brian and Vicky Losen.
7-12: Keaton Rehlie, Eric and Jenny Shateska
7-11: Avryn Sibly, Gary and Denise Balik