3-29: Kelly Pattison, Arnie and Julie Wise
3-28: Helen Frana, Darby and Diane Cook
3-27: June Murphy, Rod and Doreen Ellingson
3-24: Benson Newhouse, Jim and Faith Norman
3-23: Mason Brown, Scott and Cindy Buticoffer
3-22: Marlee Dewey, Mark and Maria Langreck
3-21: Brynn Bakken, Ellen and Steve Sexton
3-20: Patrick Haskins, Ralph and Linda Britner
3-17: Kale Kennon, **no anniversary***
3-16: Brody Anfinson, Marilyn and Dennis Holthouse
3-15: Eve Hodeck, Randy and Connie Lauer
3-14: DJ Henry, Daryl and Sylvia Austin
3-13: Brian Luenberger, Robert and Susan Phillips
3-10: Jeff Szabo, Connie and Rob Roy Beal
3-9: Brian Pahl, **no anniversary**
3-8: Josie Hageman, Ron and Cathy Moen
3-7: Jenna Elsbernd, Kenny and Veronica Boyer
3-6: Brook Courtney, Jerry and Lisa Bina
3-3: Savannah O'Reilly, Bob and Cindy Lentz
3-2: Eva Marie Schmidt **no anniversary**
3-1: Brantley Panos, Bill and Gail Keefe
2-28: Celia Neuzil, Keith and Linda Johnson
2-27: Kelly Brincks, Howard and Marlys Balk
2-24:Jamison Zweibomber, Larry and Linda Nihart
2-23: Hannah Meyer, Beverly and Dale Alstat
2-22: Isabella Thorson, Wes and Betty Ford
2-21: Issaac Steffan, Roger and Monica Molli
2-20: Nick sullivan, Ken and JoAnn Timp
2-17: Rebecca Kappes, Jim and Mary Steinlage
2-16: Julia Phillips, Joe and Darcy Whalen
2-15: Dane Moellers, Rick and JoAnn Wangen
2-14: Gavin Bullerman, Mike an Lori Golka
2-13: Isabella Opperman, Roger and Pat Tipp