6-22:Gavin Alberton, Jeff and Bev Meyer
6-21: Tegan Quinn, Andy and Colleen Cray
6-20: Lauren Ball, Derrek and Carrie Buddenberg
6-19: Billie Wagner, Dave and Rosalind Palis
6-16: Laynah Polashek, Dave and Bonnie Zidlicky
6-15: Chloe Reiser Jeremy and Sanda Miller.
6-14: Ashley Wilker, Duane and Debra Brandt
6-13: Hayden Hauber, Earl and Cindy Lansing
6-12: Bailey Rue, Michelle and Ken Amdahl
6-9: Corey Shrader, Barb and Lorren McCabe
6-8: Elliott Becker, Mike and Sherry Darling
6-7: Blaine Schultz, Gary and Sharon Johnson
6-6: Tanner Heinz, Mark and Diane Ihde
6-5: Annica Hanson, Tom and Marge Kuboshek
6-2: Alex Bigler, Doug and MaryLou Egland
6-1: Brent Roe, Susanne and Brett Willie
5-31: Bailey Timp, Dave and Nancy Hagemen
5-30: Alex Hanson, Ron and Helen Snell
5-26: Raymond Blong, Ray and Julie Quandahl.
5-25: Kale Reicks, Joe and Katie Schmidt
5-24: Lexi McKenna, Mark and Bonnie Hackman
5-23: Kaitlyn Mitchell, Kevin and Leslie Sand
5-22: Josh Krambeer, Gene and Deb Johnson
5-19: Garrison Elliott, Rick and Teena Hosper
5-18: Faith Zweibomber, Allen and Ruth Hageman
5-17: Cale Koenig, Pat and Amy O'Regan
5-16: Lucas Schiedel, Jerry and Irene Kirvacheck
5-15: Gabe Danielson, Dennis and Judy Halse