9-22: Hurricanes Aside - THIS is also most likely to occur in August and September. What is it?
9-21: Most people have at least 3 of these and don't realize how important they are until they don't have access to one. Phone chargers
9-20: According to research, THIS is the #1 smell that puts men in a good mood. What is it? Bacon Cooking
9-19: According to a new study, if you don't like THIS, it's because your parents didn't like it either. What? Exercising
9-18: 40% of husbands say when it comes to THIS their wives do a much better job. What is it? Negotiating on a new vehicle
9-15: Houses that have this one particular thing are 40% harder to sell. What is it? The number 13 in the address
9-14: A whopping 89% of people have never used these. What?
9-13:78% of women say they do THIS regularly but only 60% of men do it. Use coupons
9-12: On average, we do this three times a day. What is it? Tie Shoes
9-11:According to research, men consume 75% of this product. What? Potato Chips
9-8: According to a study, there are more fake versions of THESE in the world than real ones. What is it? Flamingos
9-7:On average, women have one more of these than men: pairs of jeans
9-6: A recent survey found that around 17% of us have one of these are work but not at home. What is it? A candy dish
9-5: According to drivers, What is the #1 annoyance when it comes to their morning commute? Getting stuck behind a school bus
9-1: 60% of people agree that a man should never wear THIS. What is it? Short Shorts
8-31: This house hold item was invented in 1848. What? Can Opener
8-30:A study says the average person will spend 5 months of their life doing this. What is it? Complaining
8-29:There have been a lot of horrible inventions, but a recent survey reveals that this is the #1 thing people wish had never been invented. What? Karaoke
8-28: This is the #1 MUST have in dorm rooms for college students. What is it? Energy Drinks
8-25: The average person does THIS 2 million times in a lifetime. Swears
8-24: Researchers found that 20% of us have a favorite one of THESE. What? Pen
8-23:10% of people have kept THIS a secret from their partner. What is it? A winning lottery/scratch ticket.
8-22: 60% of men say they get turned off when they see a woman do what? Taking a selfie
8:21: 35% of married men never do this without first asking their wife. What is it? Adjusting the thermostat
8-18: The next time you're in a bar, do THIS just once and you'll burn 20 calories. What is it? Sing a karaoke song
8-17: A Poll says 13% of us do this weekly. 25% do it monthly. What? Walk in to your bank
8-16: People taking selfies is the number one pet peeve at the gym, What's number two?
8-15: 85% of love the smell of this, but the rest think it stinks. What? The ocean