6-22: In the 1950's people did this an average of 18 minutes a day. Currently, we do it for an average of 4 to 6 minutes per day.
6-21: It sounds strange, but doing this between projects at work makes you more productive. What is it? Washing your hands
6-20:The odds that a man owns one of these are 3 in 4. What? Khaki Pants
6-19: The average woman uses her height in this every 5 years. What? Lip Stick
6-16:32% of guys say they use THIS daily because they think it makes them look better. What is it? Hairspray
6-15: If you're over 40, you probably have one of these in your home. If you're under 40, you probably don't. What is it? A Phone Book
6-14: 45% of us think you should wait until age 25 to do this. What is it? Get a credit card
6-13: 74% of women say this makes a guy more attractive: If she's drinking alcohol
6-12: Only 35% of teens have one of these. What is it? A Wrist watch
6-9: Doing this is the most common #1 on people's bucket lists, narrowly beating skydiving. Driving a Race Car
6-8:19% of hotel workers say they found THIS left behind in one of the rooms. What is it? Dentures
6-7: 75% of married woman say they have made their husband do this? Change their shoes before going out
6-6:40% of people who exercise have tried to improve their workouts by spending $100 or more on this ... What? Headphones/earbuds
6-5: An estimate 75% of people who have this say they almost never us it. What is it? A Pool Table
6-2:  Every spring, THIS ends up costing some parents $900. What is it? Prom
6-1: According to a recent survey, over 40% of us do what when we're angry? Eat Ice Cream
5-31: Ancient Romans are thought to have been the first to devloped this wedding custom. Wearing rings
5-30:  It's estimated only 30% of people can do THIS: Flare their nostrils
5-26: 75% of us wants to improve THIS about our significant Other. What? Their kissing technique
5-25: More dog owners name their pets after this food than any other food..what? Oreo
5-24: You will find about 158 of these in an average home. What? Books
5-23: 56% of college students would turn down a job offer if a company didn't offer THIS:time during the work day for social media
5-22: Just over 70% of married men say they never let their wife near THIS. The grill
5-19: 60% of us judge other by this. What is it? Their cell phones
5-18: Women say that having this happen to them would totally ruin their day: Tight Pants
5-17:  60% of adults in a new survey say they owned one of THESE as a child. What was it? A jump Rope
5-16:  50% of women, and 60% of men talk to their boss about this. What? Their love life
5-15: On average, we eat 36% more calories than on a normal day, if we spend part of it at THIS place. Where is it? The movies