7-21:  25% of women say they do THIS while on vacation but rarely do at home. What?
7-20: According to a survey, most people have owned 25 of THESE by the time they turn 25. What? Sun glasses
7-19:According to a survey, 70% of guys say when they do THIS they feel like they have more personality. What is it? Grow Facial hair
7-18: 30% of hiring managers think THIS is a big red flag when interviewing someone. Bad Breath
7-17: 12% of people who are unhappy with their homes say it's because of THIS: the neighbors
7-14: 650 million of THESE are sold annually and you will likely use one tomorrow. Ketchup
7-13: It takes most people 25 minutes to do THIS. Figure out what to watch on Netflix.
7-12: 1 in 10 bosses say they're suspicious of an employee who does THIS? Keeps a clean desk.
7-11: 30% of adults say they haven't done this in the last 5 years. Tried on a bathing suit.
7-10: 2/3 women say doing THIS is more stressful than going on a job interview OR a first date ... What? Going to work without wearing makeup.
7-7: Adults with this daily habit started it, on average, at the age of 14. What is it? Drinking Coffee.
7-6: Only 10% of families make an effort to save this. What is it? Left overs.
7-5: Almost 30% of adults have used their kids as an excuse to buy THIS for themselves. Chocolate Milk.
7-3: 10% of people wish they had THIS in their car ... a microwave.
6-30: The average person uses 4 of THESE each day. What is it? Glasses or cups.
6-29: 53% of people will buy this for their long weekend celebration. What is it? Insect Repellant.
6-28: There are two jobs where 95% of the workforce is female. One is a kindergarten teacher. What is the other? Dental hygienist.
6-27: Around 60% of drivers have this in their car but don't use it. What is it? A cassette player.
6-26:Almost half of men over 30 years old are afraid of this. Going Bald.
6-23: Among adults surveyed, work is the most stressful place they go to.  What is number two? The Mall.
6-22: In the 1950's people did this an average of 18 minutes a day. Currently, we do it for an average of 4 to 6 minutes per day. Laugh.
6-21: It sounds strange, but doing this between projects at work makes you more productive. What is it? Washing your hands
6-20:The odds that a man owns one of these are 3 in 4. What? Khaki Pants
6-19: The average woman uses her height in this every 5 years. What? Lip Stick
6-16:32% of guys say they use THIS daily because they think it makes them look better. What is it? Hairspray
6-15: If you're over 40, you probably have one of these in your home. If you're under 40, you probably don't. What is it? A Phone Book
6-14: 45% of us think you should wait until age 25 to do this. What is it? Get a credit card
6-13: 74% of women say this makes a guy more attractive: If she's drinking alcohol
6-12: Only 35% of teens have one of these. What is it? A Wrist watch